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   Wednesday, December 2, 2020 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands! The Yellow Parrot - The Yellow Headed Variety

By Robert Markman

 Family / Pets     

The Yellow parrot is a generic term for the Yellow Naped Amazon, Yellow Crowned Amazon and the Yellow Headed Amazon parrot or the Double Yellow Headed Amazon and the Magma Double Headed Amazon. This article is concerned with the Yellow Headed Amazon parrot and the reason they have this name is clear given where they originate from and the bold coloring. Mexico and the surrounding areas to the south including Guatemala, Belize and Honduras are their natural habitat although this is fast shrinking is size due to mans' encroachment with deforestation.

As well as their location the name is derived from their bright bold yellow head which is a stunning contrast to their green body and wings with red markings and the Magma's are more colorful that the standard parrots however they are all popular pet choices. Another quality that makes them a very popular choice as a pet is their impressive vocal ability and they are considered amongst the best talkers in the parrot world, however as with all parrots, the ability to talk is never guaranteed and is dependant on each individual bird. Yellow headed Amazons are freely bred in captivity however they are still a species with relatively fewer numbers than other species and so they are quite expensive and you should expect to pay anywhere from $900 - $1500 depending on the particular species and your location.

The Yellow parrot is considered by most as the loudest of all the Amazon parrots and they have a energetic and playful character which demands a fair amount of attention from their adopted family (which is you and your family) and the communicate this need through noise and being loud. The recommended course of action when you adopt any of the Yellow parrots is to teach your parrot to talk as this is not only entertaining but will also help combat the potentially excessive noise problem. You will find that when your parrot learns to talk it will pick up quite a large vocabulary and many owners have reported their Yellow Amazons able to mimic sounds around them as well as recount whole telephone conversations that happen in the same room. Pretty impressive!!

They grow to circa 14-16 inches and are the largest of the Amazon parrots. As with all of the larger species of parrot they can be quite destructive in their birdcage especially with their toys. Gnawing and chewing is all very natural as it is one of the ways that the parrot can keep their beak in good condition. Yellow headed Amazon's are most content when they can move around a lot and fly, so the ideal environment would be an aviary but this is impractical for the vast majority of owners. A birdcage placed indoors is sufficient as long as the parrot has plenty of daily exercise. When you can manage this along with making sure their environment and routine are optimized then these parrots are relatively easy to tame and train.

The Yellow Headed Amazon can expect to live 60 - 80 years in captivity and this must be an important consideration when weighing up whether it may be the right choice for you as with most parrots they are capable of forming very strong bonds with their owner and may well be with you for your whole life.

 About the Author     

Robert Markman is a Yellow Parrot expert and has been caring for a variety of Yellow parrots for over 18 years. For more great information on the yellow parrot visit

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