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   Saturday, September 19, 2020 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands! The Best and Worst of April's Weather

By Tony King

 Weather / History     

If Johannes Kepler, the renowned seventeenth century astronomer and discoverer of the planetary laws of motion, may speak from the heavenlies, he might have some words of wisdom to share with the National Weather Service. Although Kepler's name is not normally related to meteorology, he was quite the weather forecaster in his day. His initial claim to fame, by the method, wasn't because of his discovery of those planetary laws, but as a result of of his accurate long-vary weather forecast of the severe winter that place Styermark, Germany on ice in 1593.

Kepler's genius and outdoors-the-box thinking led him to equate terrestrial weather patterns with the geometrical formations made between the world and planets. Since these formations could be calculated before, he reasoned, their impact on the weather may be as well. Through the publishing of his almanacs, the Royal Astronomer helped make ends meet when every now and then the kings who utilized him were delinquent in their payments.

Kepler's contribution to meteorology, along with his long-range forecast methodology, have all however been forgotten. And as would be expected, present day meteorology, ashamedly, has no real long-vary weather forecast capability. Even armed with the foremost advanced weather computer, whose lightning quick calculations approach concerning four hundred million per second, its three-day forecasts are speculative, and its six to seven day forecasts are worthless.

In this day and age when the issues and limitations of many standard procedures and methods have come to light, man is seeking and finding solutions in different methodologies. Simply regarding each space of life boasts of some alternative option. Thus why not various weather forecasts based mostly on natural, environmentally safe, and providentially-provided processes?

Wouldn't it's nice to grasp the days and places of hurricane formation and landfall months beforehand? How about the when and where of different weather anomalies like deep freezes, severe storms systems, and high velocity winds? All this can be potential with Kepler's methodology and would be a welcomed different for weather sensitive businesses like agriculture, the weather derivatives market, transportation etc. Although no forecast system, be it standard or various, is 100 % accurate, it's price noting that based mostly on this technique my revealed long-range hurricane forecasts, ready months earlier, were fulfilled in Hurricanes Isis (1998), Alberto (2000), Gilma (2000), and Tropical Storm Claudette (2003).

Based on Kepler's technique, some of the most effective and worst weather for April 2005 is as follows:

April 1-3: A southerly airflow kicks in over the western Gulf of Mexico bringing hotter temperatures for the Deep South and on into the East Central States. Due to the current increase in temperatures and humidity storms erupt over the area.

The western U.S. is also slated for a heat up.

April 5-7: The Southeast, East Central and western U.S. continue heat and fair.

April 8-10: A storm system affecting the Ohio Valley and Southeast spreads inclement weather within the Northeast U.S. Low pressure brings thunderstorms to the Rockies and Plains. Special intensity is shown over New Mexico and Minnesota.

April 11-14: Cool and truthful conditions are shown for the Plains, the Ohio Valley and Southeast. The Pacific Northwest is in store for an influx of very moist warm air round the 13th giving approach to thunderstorm activity, which then continues westward over the Rockies.

April 15: The Middle Atlantic States flip stormy generating an occasional pressure system that heads across New England toward Nova Scotia.

April 18: The Pacific Northwest continues with beyond normal temperatures and humidity. With enough moisture in place, storms can hearth up throughout the West Coast States. Temperatures are on the upswing over the Rockies and Front Range as well.

April 19: A front cutting through the Middle Atlantic States triggers storms, that continue through New England.

April 22-24: Truthful conditions embrace the Plains and Intermountain West. Cool and clear weather finds its means over the Rockies and from the Southeast into New England.
April twenty six-twenty seven: Storms are triggered over the Southwest U.S. and Rockies.

April 28: Moisture is entailed from the central Gulf of Mexico over Louisiana increasing temperatures and resulting in storm activity throughout the Mississippi Valley, Deep South, and East Central States.

April 29-30: Most of New England sees honest weather aside from Maine. The Pacific Northwest succumbs to storms while the Rockies are cool and clear. Moisture continues northward from the Gulf toward the Nice Lakes setting off storms over Indiana and the encompassing area.

 About the Author     

Tony King has been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in The Best and Worst of April's Weather You can also check out his latest website about Cheap Trucks For Sale

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