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   Friday, January 22, 2021 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands!

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The Battle of the Islands is a friendly competition where you vote your flag to the top! Every month there is a new winner.

To earn votes for your flag of choice, select a flag you want to vote for above, and simply peform any of the actions listed below!

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 Places to Earn Votes     

Here are some places that you can earn votes for your flag:

Make sure you are logged in so your votes count.

We will be adding more!

 Notes and Explainations about Voting     

Note: The number of votes you earn per action may change at any time, even in the middle of the month, although most changes will be made towards the end or beginning of the month.

Votes are only counted for visits to pages hosted on the server or when using the CaribbeanChoice Toolbar. No votes will be rewarded on pages hosted by partners.

*Votes for these items (once a day items) are counted the first time you take that action that day, using whatever flag is set at that time.

**Toolbar must be visible for vote to count. When you login, toolbar will display your flag instead of the current leader. It may take a minute or two to refresh. The first time it refreshes for the day, it will vote for the island you represent at that time.

 Rules and Guidelines     

To determine which flag earns the votes for an action you take, we look at a couple things:

  1. First we see if you selected a flag you want to vote for. If you selected one, then your votes will go towards that flag.
  2. If you did not select a flag you want to vote for, then we look to see if the page you are on is related to a flag. If it is, then your votes will go for that flag. For example, if we award votes for visiting the Game Room, and you visit that page, if you haven't selected a flag to vote for, we will apply your votes to the Pirate Flag, the official flag of the Game Room.
  3. If the page that is awarding votes does not have a flag associated with it, then we will look at your Profile and use the country you selected when signing up for CaribbeanChoice. If that country is one that can be voted for, then the flag of that country will receive the votes. If your profile has a country that is not in the battle, then no votes will be awarded to anyone.

To earn points and votes on actions you take, you must take those actions in good faith. For example, if you submit a link, recipe or article to earn points and votes, it must be a real link, recipe or article and must not be a duplicate of one already submitted. To earn points and votes for forum posts, your forum posts must actually be useful and not jibberish or spam. To earn points and votes for subscribing to a newsletter, you must have provided a working e-mail address. Et cetera.

Any spam or useless content that earns points or votes will result in those points or votes being reversed. If the spam or useless content is particularly annoying, we may revoke your ability to vote or earn points and may even issue a penality to the flag you are voting for. Hopefully this won't happen, but we reserve the right to issue penalities for abuse of the system.


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