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   Thursday, December 3, 2020 

Brazil a country of contrasts.

By Vanessa Smith

 Travel Review     

Brazil - one of the largest countries in the world, the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world after Russia, China, Canada and the USA.

In this country of lush tropical forests coexist with majestic mountains, wild jungle with magnificent beaches, great rivers with desert plateau, roaring waterfalls, with comfortable and quiet coves.

Brazil rightly called a "land of contrasts". If one part of heavy rains, the other necessarily the sun shines. In the big cities are major Western corporations and, in some Amazon Indian tribes living in the Stone Age.

Rio de Janeiro - the main attraction of the country. The city is conveniently located on the shores of the Atlantic. Rio lost the status of the capital in 1960 - it became the city of Brasilia. Modern Capital - a broad avenues, modern architecture, picturesque boulevards and parks. However, she never managed to win from Rio de Janeiro - a sympathy of tourists who continue to go on vacation in the city of wonders.

Brazil occupies the eastern and central parts of South America and has borders with Guyana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay. In eastern Brazil, the Atlantic Ocean.

Central and southern parts of the country is the Brazilian plateau (highest point - Mount Bandeira). The northern part - the Amazon and the spurs of the Guiana Highlands. In the south of Brazil is located lowland Pantanal. The main rivers of the country - the Amazon, São Francisco, Paraná.

Climate in Brazil differs depending on the terrain: from the equatorial north-west to subtropical in the south-east. In Rio de Janeiro is always wet, from November to March - hot, from April to September - relatively cool, often rainy. The worst holiday month - July, as the cold and often drizzles rain. In the Amazonian dry season is from August to early December, from December to April - is very hot, occasional rains from May to July - the heavy rains.

In Brazil, many attractions - both natural and architectural. In Rio de Janeiro, the mouth of Guanabara Bay lies Sugarloaf Mountain, which reaches 395 meters. You can go up there by cable car. At the top are built restaurant, bars and souvenir shops.

Iguazu Falls (translated from an Indian - "big water") are located on the border of three countries - Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Iguazu River takes its origin near the Atlantic coast of Brazil to the south of Sao Paulo, and flows into the continent in a westerly direction for about 1320 km. The width of the river near the waterfall about 4 km, and in this whole wide expanse of water falls from the majestic cliff, which has a crescent shape. There are approximately 275 separate waterfalls. In some water with semidesyatimetrovoy height falls in the valley, others are broken down into many smaller waterfalls. The noise of falling water can be heard for many miles, and vortices are huge splash creates a rainbow of extraordinary beauty.

Amazonia - a mysterious region, constituting 1 / 3 throughout Brazil. Amazon called the "lungs of the planet," because 50% of all the oxygen on Earth is produced in the Amazonian jungle. At 6565 km stretches Amazon River - the second longest river after the Nile (6,648 km).

Extremely popular with tourists are the famous ocean beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, in Rio de Janeiro. The former capital and the most visited city in Brazil is literally translated "January River". At Corcovado mountain in Tijuca National Park is a stone statue of Christ. 38 meter high statue stands at a height of 710 feet. From the top of Corcovado National Park offers a breathtaking panorama: Niteroi Bridge, Guanabara Bay, the Botanical Garden, the largest in the world, Maracana stadium, and much more.

Despite the fact that Rio de Janeiro is no longer the official capital of Brazil, already 4 century, it remains the capital of Beauty and the center of tourism in South America. Every year in late February - early March in Rio and Salvador was marked by grand show on the planet - the carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Of great interest to tourists are the Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Indian historical and art museums, the National Museum in the former imperial palace of Quinta da Boa Vista,Museum of the Republic, the Museum of stones, numerous buildings of colonial architecture, botanical garden, which collected more than 7000 plants from around the world.

Total in Brazil for more than twenty national parks, reserves and sanctuaries.

In South American cuisine is dominated by dishes from grilled or cooked in ceramic pots of meat. Very popular fresh, pickled or stewed vegetables, fried fish, grilled, dough. Boiled noodles with cheese or stewed meat and tomatoes - one of the most popular dishes of the peoples of South America.

The most typical Brazilian dish is feijoada. It is made from black beans, dried meat, smoked sausage, pork, garlic, pepper and bay leaf. Usually this dish is served at a deep bowl with the flour of cassava and, if desired, with white rice. By feyzhoade served as sliced oranges, cabbage and pepper sauce.

Another Brazilian Vatapa dish made of fish, shrimp, lobsters, palm oil, coconut oil and various seasonings.

From the drinks are very popular beer Cachaça (strong drink made from sugar cane), batida, which is prepared on the basis of the Roma and sweet fruit juice.

From the grapes, which grow in the south of the country, prepare delicious wines. Among the white wines are particularly popular Chardonnay Aurora. Local Chandon champagne is produced in a Brazilian subsidiary of French company.

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. In a nationwide population of Brazil uses about 180 different Indian languages.

 About the Author     

Hi all! My name is Vanessa Smith:)

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