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Guidelines for Quoting Other Websites

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Printed Date: 26 Feb 2020 at 9:40am

Topic: Guidelines for Quoting Other Websites
Posted By: Scott
Subject: Guidelines for Quoting Other Websites
Date Posted: 22 Oct 2006 at 5:20pm
Here are some guidelines for quoting/copying from other websites and posting news stories on CaribbeanChoice and other forums. 

By following these guidelines, you help avoid copyright issues and complaints.

Short Version: 
  • Don't Copy Someone Else's Work. 
  • Only Quote Small Pieces, Not the Whole Thing. 
  • Always Give Credit. 
  • Link to the web page you got it from. 
  • Or Else It Will Be Edited or Deleted!

1. Where possible, use your own words to describe what happened and what you think about it.

2. If you are quoting a web page or news story from another website or media outlet, please:
  • Indicate the Title of the Article or News Story somewhere in the post.
  • Give credit to the author and source of the article or information (e.g. By Jane Smith, New York Times).
  • Give a link to the web page where you found the article or information.
  • If you are going to quote the article or web page, then:
    • You may quote a small amount (such as a paragraph or so).  This is allowed under the copyright law as "fair use." 
    • You may NOT quote the entire article or web page without the author or copyright holder's permission. 
      This would be violating their copyright.
    • You must indicate that the quoted passages are quoted by either putting "quote marks" around it or putting it in a quote box.
    • You do not have to quote the article at all and can simply give them a link to go to.
Note: you can also quote a story when you are replying, even though you didn't start the thread.  In other words, if you click on the link to the news story, and you want to comment on a sentence or two in the article, you can quote those sentences in your reply to help people follow the discussion.  What is to be avoided is copying and pasting their entire news story into the forum post.

If you do not follow these guidelines, we may have to delete or edit your post.  Most likely delete.

As a rule of thumb, please always give credit where credit is due

Any post that does not indicate where the article came from will be assumed to be authored by you (unless it obviously wasn't).  Please don't plagerize other people's work by not giving them credit.

Also, to help people find news items, please post each unrelated news stories as a New Topic instead of tacking it onto an existing topic.

Removal Policy

If we receive a request to remove alleged copyrighted material, we will investigate the matter and if we find that a user has inappropriately posted copyrighted materials we will:
  • Remove the Content
  • Post The Request for Removal in the Place of the Content
  • Inform the user that we have removed the content
  • Work with the copyright holder to resolve the situation in some other way, such as:
    • Editing the content so that it complies with this policy and provides credit for the content and links to the copyright holder's website (if the copyright holder is open to that solution).
  • Inform the user that we have edited the content
As specified by law, the user who posted the material has the right to dispute the copyright claim and they may take appropriate actions under the law to dispute the claim. 

We post the Request for Removal for several reasons:
  1. It discourages people from posting copyrighted content since the complaint is publicly posted.
  2. It discourages people from claiming copyright to materials they do not actually own, since their request is publicly posted.
  3. It shows that we are serious about the issue.
  4. There is a public record of the request.
We may edit the Request for Removal to remove contact information and sensitive information that should not be posted publicly.

If we believe that the infraction is unintentional and/or a first offense, we may remove the content without posting the removal request publicly.  Repeated infractions will have the complaint publicly posted.

It's all about respect.  

Thank you for understanding.

Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff - WisTex | - Complete Hosting Guide

Posted By: Scott
Date Posted: 23 Oct 2006 at 12:27pm

We would love some feedback on these guidelines.  Please post your comments, concerns and ideas here: - Discussion about Guidelines for News Stories

Thank you.

Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff - WisTex | - Complete Hosting Guide

Posted By: Scott
Date Posted: 19 June 2007 at 11:03pm
The above guidelines for posting news stories have been updated and renamed to make it clear that these guidelines apply to ALL quoted and copied materials, not just news stories.

Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff - WisTex | - Complete Hosting Guide

Posted By: Scott
Date Posted: 03 July 2008 at 9:46am
ATTENTION:  Please take this policy seriously. 

We just received a request for removal from an angry copyright holder. It harms our reputation and relationships with the Caribbean community if people post other people's copyrighted materials.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff - WisTex | - Complete Hosting Guide

Posted By: Scott
Date Posted: 03 July 2008 at 10:23am
We have edited the "Guildelines for Quoting Other Websites" policy to include the removal policy, which specifies that we will replace the alleged copyrighted materials with the removal request so there is a public record of the request.

Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff - WisTex | - Complete Hosting Guide

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