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   Thursday, September 24, 2020 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands! Types of Tobacco Varieties and Sorts

By Alex Jups

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There are few main sorts of tobacco from which are grown cigar's tobacco leafs. In some countries are used seeds that have Cuban origin, in other are saved and develop their own, known, as it is said, long since sorts of tobacco, in other are selected own domestic.

1. Cuba. Cuban variety of tobacco havanensis is hybrid of tobacco of nicotiana tabacum family that was imported on Caribbean Sea islands by Spanish conquistador from Mexico. Later from havanesis were selected other varieties of tobacco sorts for best cigarettes brands.

At present moment on Cuba are grown basically six sorts of tobacco:

  • "Coroho" ("Corojo") - a large part of tobacco leafs of this sort of tobacco is used as cigar outer envelope. Is cultivated on fields Vuelta-Abaho and Partidos and is grown in shade.
  • "Criole del Sol" - this sort of tobacco is selected in 1940 and is used, as a rule, for production of cigar outer envelope and binding leaf and also goes in filler. Is cultivated on fields Vuelta-Abaho and Partidos and is grown under the sun.
  • "Habana-92" - new disease-resistant sort of tobacco, which's leaf can be also used as cigar outer envelope.
  • "Habana-2000" is new sort of tobacco that is cultivated since the beginning of 1990s; a large part of it is used as cigar outer envelope.
  • "Habana P.R." - Tobacco leaf that is used for binding leaf and cigars' filler.
  • "Habana Vuelta Arriba" this sort of tobacco is grown mainly on Eastern fields Oriente and in central part Remedios and is mainly used in cigarettes and inexpensive cigars production.

2. Connecticut (USA). In Northern America are mainly grown sorts of tobacco of virginica family that is also hybrid of nicotiana tabacum. For growing cigar's tobacco leaf,

At present moment are used two main sorts of tobacco:
  • "Connecticut Shade" - sort of tobacco that is grown in shade and gives leafs that have perfect elasticity and wonderful light brown color of golden shade.
  • "Connecticut Broadleaf" is another sort of Connecticut tobacco that is grown under the sun. It's leafs have much denser structure and are used mainly for Maduro cigar outer envelope production.

3. Dominican Republic

  • "Piloto Cubano" this sort of tobacco is famous with rich and strength of its aroma, comes from Cuban district Vuelta-Abajo.
  • "Olor Dominicano" sort of tobacco with lighter aroma.
  • "San Vincente" is hybrid sort of tobacco that comes from Piloto Cubano and according to its strength takes intermediate place among two first.

4. Honduras. As tobacco of local sorts is considered very faint for cigars, in Honduras is mainly grown tobacco of Cuban sorts. That is why it is considered that cigars made in Honduras have Cuban aroma.

5. Nicaragua. Here are mainly grown sorts of Connecticut tobacco that gives as it is considered the best cigarettes and cigar outer envelope in the world and also as in Honduras for getting tobacco leafs for cigars' filler are cultivated Cuban sorts of tobacco and their hybrids.

6. Mexico. At nicotiana tabacum (that have got spreading in entire world) homeland at present moment are grown not only national sorts of tobacco but some sorts of tobacco that have gone long way of selection in other countries of the world - first of all on Cuba, and also in Indonesia (Sumatra and Java sorts).

The main sort of Mexican tobacco is Tabaco Negro - national sort of Mexican black tobacco, which's leafs are used as outer envelope of maduro cigars.

7. Brazil. Brazilian variety of brasiliensis tobacco, as well as Cuban havanensis also is hybrid of tobacco from nicotiana tabacum family, imported from Mexico. At present moment the most popularity in Brazil got the following two sorts of tobacco:

  • "Mata Fina" - tobacco of vivid-dark color with rich aromatic properties, is mainly used as cigars' filler.
  • "Arapiraca" - another national sort of tobacco but less famous as it doesn't have so rich properties as its compatriot.

8. Indonesia. Indonesian sorts of tobacco take their origin from Cuban variety havanensis that got name purpurea. The main sort of this variety of tobacco is:

  • "Sumatra, Java" it is sort that provides leaf of dark-brown color with refined structural pattern and integument silkiness, has pleasant smooth aroma. This sort of tobacco began to be grown in many countries and is widely used in small cigars and cigars of machine twisting manufacturing.

9. Cameroon and Central African Republic. In these two countries tobacco that got the name "Cameroon". This sort is originated from sort of tobacco Sumatra that was imported in these countries. Leafs that are produced from this sort of tobacco have pleasant dark-brown color with a little greenish color with specific for this leaf, so called, "bristling". Thanks to its perfect structural qualities and not bad taste flavor, leafs of Cameroon tobacco are mainly used as covering leaf.

10. Philippines. On Philippines are gown hybrid sorts of Sumatra tobacco from which is received tobacco with perfect aroma properties and quite moderate strength.

11. Ecuador. In Ecuador are mainly grown tobacco sorts Connecticut and Sumatra from which is received high-quality covering leaf that distinguishes with specific silky surface. Tobacco, grown in Ecuador has softer aroma and faint strength.

12. Jamaica. On Jamaica Island traditionally were cultivated Cuban sorts of tobacco, however aroma of tobacco leafs grown here is much softer.

13. Italy. Tobacco, grown in Italy had very dark color but perfect aroma properties.

14. Myanmar. In this country are mostly cultivated Cuban sorts of tobacco. Tobacco, grown in Myanmar has dark colored leafs


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