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   Thursday, November 26, 2020 

United Mexican StatesBe the part of Adventurous and Historical Vacations

By ChrisS

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Teotihuacan is the most enormous archeological site situated in the Basin of Mexico. It has various largest pyramidal structures which were constructed in the era of pre Columbian Americas. Teotihuacan is also well known for its various colorful and well preserved murals, the avenue of the dead and big residential complexes. This place may have been established during the 200 BCE. Nowadays, more than 200,000 people are living in this largest city of the globe. Due to its civilization and cultural complex, this site is referred as 'Teotihuacan.'

Teotihuacan Mexico is having the most famous archeological marvels. In the 6th century, around 150,000 inhabitants were lived in this ancient city of 25 square kilometers. During the 7th century, this city was abandoned because of some issues and later Toltecs and Aztecs revered this sacred place. The Teotihuacan name of this city was given by the Aztecs which means 'the place where the gods were born'. Most people are still not aware with the original name of this city.

During excavations, numerous animal sacrifices as well as human bodies have been found in Teotihuacan pyramids. While construction or expansion of any building started, scholars believe that local people offered human and animal sacrifices as a part of dedication. All human sacrifices were enemy warriors who captured during the battle and brought here for ritual sacrifices. These rituals were done for just for the sake of prosperity of this city. Some male victims were decapitated, some were intentionally killed by being hit numerous times on the head, some men were buried alive and some had their hearts removed.

Animal sacrifices were considered as sacred and they also represented various mythical powers. Sometimes, whole military were imprisoned in cages along with eagles, a falcon, an owl, a wolf, cougars, venomous snakes and buried alive. This Teotihuacan pyramids are most favorite destination of history lovers. Every year, the number of visitors is increasing rapidly. It is the best suitable vacation place for younger to older generation. If you will search on the internet regarding this place, you will definitely get all the details.

The Canaima National Park is located in the southeastern Venezuela and it covers huge area around 30,000 km2. It is situated at the border of Guyana and Brazil. This park also occupies common area with the region of Gran Sabana. On the 12th June 1962, this park was established and now it is considered as the second largest park of the country. In the year 1994, UNESCO included this place in the list of World Heritage Site because of its table top mountains which are known as 'Tepuis'. It is the major attraction of this area which includes Mount Roraima, the easiest and tallest mountain to climb.

On the other hand, Canaima National Park also has Auyantepui from which fall the Angel Falls. It is the highest waterfall of the world. In this park, few roads are available which are connecting different towns. Most transportation of this park is done with the help of light planes from the airstrips which was built by Capuchin missions.

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You can get more quality information on here from about Teotihuacan Pyramids, ,a href= target=_blank class=InkNorm>Teotihuacan Mexico and Canaima National Park

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