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   Sunday, November 29, 2020 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands! Top Five Honeymoon Destinations to Choose From

By David Price

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If you are going to marry soon, you are probably having some tough time deciding where to go on your honeymoon. Don't worry. Almost all of us feel stressed trying to plan our honeymoon. Here follows a discussion on the favorite honeymoon destinations of the world. Go through the page below to learn about the top 5 honeymoon destinations of the world.


Hawaii is not only a favorite honeymoon destination, but also a favorite wedding destination. Thus, if you live in the USA and are fond of tropical hillsides and long white sandy beaches, then you can go to Hawaii on your honeymoon. It is said that Hawaii caters to the newlyweds all things that they expect from their honeymoon destination.


Florida is also favorite destination to the newlyweds. If you go to Florida on your honeymoon, you will get everything from long stretches of sandy beaches to the night life of big cities. In Florida there are plenty of places like Florida Keys or Cocoa Beach where you can get to the ocean. If you love adventure, you can also go to Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is also one of the best honeymoon locations of the world. The city has an option for every honeymoon vacation budget. You can dine at selected resort restaurants and night club cover fees. There are also many outdoor funs like the scenic trips to red rock mountain locations, golfing and desert hikes in Las Vegas. Whether in day or night there is always something to do in Las Vegas.

The Caribbean

Another popular honeymoon destination is the Caribbean islands. If you love seclusion and want endless water fun , you can easily opt for a trip to a Caribbean island, or multiple islands. Going to the Caribbean islands on your honeymoon will surely make a memory. If you visit the Caribbean islands you will not only visit a place but also be able to enjoy distinct cultural attractions.


In Mexico there are also a number of world class resorts for honeymoon goers. It has also become a popular honeymoon destination. The Mexican people are also very hospitable to the visitors. If you have a limited budget, still you can go to Mexico on your honeymoon.

Thus, if you are looking for top honeymoon destinations, you can consider any of the above locations. There are honeymoon packages to these places organized by the travel agencies throughout the year. Go for the honeymoon packages according to your budget and choice.

 About the Author     

David Price writes about Honeymoon Destinations. For more information on Honeymoons visit

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    Jason Bourne says:

    Aside from the wedding ceremony itself, the honeymoon is one of the most awaited parts of a couple's new journey in life. Couples spend a lot of time and money just to make sure that they choose the perfect honeymoon location.

    Posted on 27áJulyá2013 at 9:33pm | View Post in Forum

    sandra says:

    Go solo if you have to. You'll find someone to honeymoon with.

    Posted on 17áJaná2010 at 11:12am | View Post in Forum

    Citizen Eve says:

    Will keep in mind ... Big%20smile ... and hoping not too far into the future ... or, am going solo ... LOL

    Posted on 17áJaná2010 at 10:33am | View Post in Forum

    sandra says:

    Great spots, chavoo!!!

    Posted on 17áJaná2010 at 6:01am | View Post in Forum

    chavoo says:


             this is a very good information about top five honeymoon are some more honeymoon destinations:-

    Honeymoon in Switzerland: The naturalbeauty of Switzerland makes it one of the popular honeymoon spots amongmarried couples. Honeymoon couples can enjoy tours to small legendaryvillages for enjoying the taste of delicious Swiss chocolates. Thebeautiful orchards spread across different areas in Switzerland areindeed a treat for the eyes.

    Honeymoon in France: Like Switzerland,France is also a popular honeymoon place filled with romance. Thespectacular Alps, beautiful architectural works, dazzling moderncities, wonderful beaches, popular wineries and vineyards, and charmingcountryside make France a paradise for the newly wedded couples.

    Honeymoon in South Africa: Thebeautiful golden sunset, undomesticated wilderness, deserted islands,lofty mountains, coexistence of diverse cultures, superior diningfacilities, and above all, the beauty of the place on the whole, makesSouth Africa a perfect honeymoon getaway for the recently marriedcouples.
    Honeymoon in Morocco: Morocco is apopular honeymoon destination among the newly married couples. Theplace offers everything ranging from various adventure sports, desertfestivals, sight seeing to discovering the archaeology andarchitecture. Couples who love adventure sports can indulge themselvesin several water sports, nature treks, windsurfing and several othersports.

    Honeymoon in Turkey: Turkey isregarded as one of the ideal Mediterranean destinations for thehoneymooners. The place offers a perfect blend of modern day settingswith ancient charm. Everything you look forward in Turkey ranging fromcharming coastlines to mouthwatering delicacies is truly remarkable.


    Posted on 17áJaná2010 at 4:51am | View Post in Forum

    sandra says:

    Okay. No rush. I just wanted him to know.

    See you later.

    Posted on 06áJaná2010 at 3:13am | View Post in Forum

    Arra says:

    ok i will tell him later, after 6hours he will be awake, he worked more than 12hours today, he left the office past 12:00midnight...

    Posted on 06áJaná2010 at 2:43am | View Post in Forum

    sandra says:

    So make the Virgin Islands your frist honeymoon stop.

    Tell Scott to help out the person who's asking about Jamaica's carnival. Maybe he missed that one.

    Edited by sandra - 06áJaná2010 at 2:34am

    Posted on 06áJaná2010 at 2:32am | View Post in Forum

    Arra says:

    Good morning Sandra... and yes it would be VERY NICE..Wink

    Posted on 06áJaná2010 at 2:24am | View Post in Forum

    sandra says:

    That would be nice, Arra. Hey, we're online at the same time. Good morning!

    Posted on 06áJaná2010 at 1:36am | View Post in Forum

    Arra says:

    just teasing, may be he will surprise me with Carribean cruise on our honeymoon...LOL

    Posted on 06áJaná2010 at 12:26am | View Post in Forum

    Citizen Eve says:

    Hmmm ... a little flirting here ... LOL

    Posted on 05áJaná2010 at 11:46pm | View Post in Forum

    Arra says:

    depends on you..hehehe...

    Posted on 05áJaná2010 at 10:54pm | View Post in Forum

    Scott says:

    Where would you like to go for your honeymoon?

    Posted on 04áJaná2010 at 10:54pm | View Post in Forum

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