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   Saturday, December 5, 2020 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands! The Wonders of All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations

By Mike Koss

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There is much more to all inclusive Caribbean vacations than just stunningly beautiful beaches lapped by crystalline azure waters. The Caribbean has many fascinating points of interest and natural beauty of its own. Here is a list of Wonders of the Caribbean which are well worth visiting and remembering forever.

Kaieteur Falls (Guyana) is in the Kaieteur National Park on Guiana Shield, which is a plateau consisting of one of the oldest geological formations in the world. The whole Kaieteur National Park is located within one of the world's biggest and most biodiverse rainforests. The Kaieteur Falls is perhaps the most spectacular waterfall on earth. It's free-fall height of over 700 feet makes it five times as tall as Niagra Falls. Moreover it is one of the few places on earth where you can easily observe endangered species. The specially-designed on-site nature walks put you face to face with many and varied exotic animal and plant species.

The Pitons (St. Lucia): St. Lucia's ecology and topography are unmatched in the Caribbean for their stunning beauty. The island's mountainous interior is home to the huge National Rain Forest; and its protected coastline includes the breathtaking spires of Les Pitons, located near Soufriere. These enormous twin peaks - over 2,000 feet high - are the most famous landmark on St. Lucia; and only a few daring climbers have risked the ascent to their summits. However, they can be seen, in all their glory, from atop Mt. Gimie or from a boat offshore.

Pitch Lake (Trinidad) is located in the island's southwest peninsula. First discovered by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1595, it has fascinated scientists, explorers, and common folk ever since. Raleigh used the asphalt from the Lake to caulk his ship, and since then there have been many research investigations into the uses for this material. The Pitch Lake is an oval outcropping of a mixture of water, oil, and clay, and the asphalt from this lake is of considerable economic value. Over 10,000,000 tons of asphalt have been mined from it in the past 150 years, and the refined asphalt is used in manufacturing and surfacing roads.

Harrison Cave (Barbados) is a unique all inclusive Caribbean vacation natural phenomenon, a breathtaking gallery of stalactites hanging from the cave's roof and stalagmites emerging from the ground, sometimes forming pillars where the two have joined together. Rivers of crystal clear water run throughout and drop from stunning waterfalls into deep emerald pools. Visitors can explore the cave along lit paths and tunnels.

Stingray City (Grand Cayman) is located in shallow waters off the northwest corner of the North Sound in Grand Cayman. These waters are filled with friendly stingrays which can be hand-fed by visitors. It is said that the stingrays began to gather in this area decades ago, when returning fishermen would clean their fish and throw the fish guts into the water here. Soon the stingrays began associating the sound of boats with free meals. The friendly stingrays can be fed from glass-bottom boats; but intrepid snorkelers and divers can experience a rush of adrenaline as the stingrays rub against them with their bodies and wings.

Citadelle Henri Christophe (Haiti) is a fortress resembling a stone ship which juts up through the clouds, and is located high above the northern plains of Haiti. The Citadelle was built by King Henri Christophe in the early 19th century atop a 3,000 foot high mountain to defend the island against invasion. This engineering marvel - which cost 20,000 lives to build and is therefore a symbol of Haiti's enslavement and fight for freedom - is the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere, and is now largely abandoned except for the few tourists who can climb the winding cobblestone path to visit its crumbling walls.

Dunn's River Falls (Jamaica) is located near Jamaica's famous all inclusive resorts Caribbean, and is one of the world's most beautiful waterfalls. Visitors can climb the waterfalls starting at the beach and going right to the top, stopping on their way to enjoy a cooling swim in the plunge pools which have formed naturally in the rock. The waterfalls are gentle in some places, but thunder and roar in others.

Champagne Underwater Hot Springs (Dominica): the island of Dominica is still being formed by volcanic activity, which makes it a great destination for geologically-minded travelers. The Champagne Underwater Hot Springs is located within easy snorkeling distance of the shore, and its name derives from the columns of bubbles of carbon dioxide which create the illusion of carbonation, or of being inside a gigantic Jacuzzi.

All inclusive Caribbean vacations should definitely include a visit to some of the areas natural and man-made wonders. Many of the all inclusive Caribbean vacation wonders are among the most fascinating attractions in the world and they are easily accessible from all inclusive resorts Caribbean. Contact SuperClubs to book your all inclusive Caribbean vacation today.

 About the Author     

Mike graduated college in 2006 with a major in Engineering

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