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   Wednesday, January 27, 2021 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands! 101 Reasons to Take a Cruise

Courtesy of - Cruise Lines Intl. / CLIA

 Travel Guide     

101 reasons to take a cruise.

1. Be waited on hand and foot.
2. Ride a helicopter over a waterfall.
3. Visit five ports, but unpack just once.
4. Cool off with a frozen margarita. 5. Take a yoga class.
6. Enjoy scrumptious food around the clock.
7. Dance under the stars.
8. Parasail high above the ocean.
9. Jump into a pool.
10. Shop onboard for French perfume and Swiss watches.
11. Treat yourself to a facial. 12. Hold a family reunion.
13. Get married in your favorite port.
14. Have Baked Alaska en route to Anchorage.
15. Disco 'til dawn. 16. Take your toddler to day-camp at sea.
17. Sleep 'til noon.
18. Go to a wine tasting.
19. Make new friends, reminisce with old friends.
20. Take a themed cruise: bingo, movies, sports, ...
21. Renew your wedding vows.
22. Laugh 'til it hurts at a comedy show.
23. Hold a business conference (maybe tax deductible) onboard a ship.
24. Dine in a tuxedo or formal gown.
25. Relax in a hot tub.
26. Go to a fashion show.
27. Be a star on Talent Night.
28. You don't need a designated driver.
29. Study at sea - genealogy, marine biology, ...
30. Turn your day from 9 to 5 to 9 to Ah-h-h!
31. Consume Caspian Caviar.
32. Snorkel in crystal clear, coral-filled waters.
33. Enjoy the best of Broadway.
34. Send your teeager to a "rock the boat" party.
35. Flex your pecs at the health club.
36. Doze in the sun.
37. Try your hand at electronic blackjack.
38. Polish your golf swing with the pros.
39. Shoot craps.
40. Capture dazzling sunsets on film.
41. Walk a mile on deck.
42. Scuba dive along a reef.
43. Get a full house under a full moon.
44. "Spike" with all your might in a volleyball tournament.
45. Watch for a green flash.
46. Play a fast game of racquetball.
47. Request a song at the piano bar.
48. Indulge in a massage.
49. Swing to the beat of a big band.
50. Eat gourmet food every night and never see a price.
51. Meditate at sunrise.
52. Meet your favorite sports stars.
53. "Disappear" during a magic act.
54. Escape from reality.
55. Play bridge or backgammon.
56. Shoot "hoops" surrounded by blue sky and sparkling water.
57. Sip a mint julep while listening to ragtime.
58. Browse through a well-stocked library.
59. Golf - by computer or in person - on the world's best courses.
60. Spot an exotic bird or flower.
61. Wander through ancient ruins.
62. Ride horseback through jungles.
63. Be-bop with top jazz musicians.
64. Rent a moped at the dock.
65. Paddle down river in a kayak or canoe.
66. Explore a centuries-old castle.
67. Mingle with celebrities.
68. Be tempted by world-famous chefs.
69. Jet ski across turquoise waters.
70. Picnic under a palm tree.
71. Take sailboarding lessons.
72. Take your sweetie on a second honeymoon.
73. Call home from your cabin.
74. Learn Italian, French, or Spanish.
75. Charter a sailboat.
76. See whales, dolphins, and flying fish.
77. Water ski in clear blue water.
78. See America - down its coastlines and up its rivers - or take in some of these:
79. The Greek Islands.
80. Australia / New Zealand.
81. Africa.
82. Alaska.
83. The Bahamas.
84. Baltics.
85. Bermuda.
86. Canada.
87. The Caribbean.
88. Europe
89. Far East / Orient.
90. India.
91. Indonesia / Southeast Asia.
92. The Mediterranean.
93. Mexico.
94. The Panama Canal.
95. The South Pacific.
96. Scandinavia.
97. Seychelles.
98. South America.
99. Tahiti.
100. The United Kingdom.
101. Then try around the world!

Do Everything Or Nothing At All

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