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   Saturday, December 5, 2020 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands! Types of Caribbean Holidays

By Peter Knowler

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We all have an image of the Caribbean in our heads - sun drenched beaches, coconut trees, and lazy days filled with cocktails and swimming in the sea. And while this is certainly one side of the Caribbean, and one that thousands of people see and love every year, there is even more to do in this tropical paradise, with something to suit all tastes. Here is just a taster of the different kinds of holiday you could have on a Caribbean island.

Beach Holiday

This is the classic Caribbean holiday - lying in the sun all day, with an occasional trip into the sea. The ultimate relaxing holiday that lets you soak in Caribbean atmosphere at your own pace. There are hundreds of resorts across every island in the Caribbean, from Barbados to Jamaica that will help you plan your quiet, relaxing holiday.

Cuban Culture

If you want to be slightly more active in your travels to the Caribbean, Cuba is just the place. Take the time to enjoy the old quarter of Havana and take in the unique culture and atmosphere of Cuba, with music and nightlife to suit everyone and plenty of cultural sites. Once you've seen enough of the city, take a trip out to the countryside to see Cuban life on the surrounding farms, and the astounding natural beauty of the island.

Diving Holiday

The Caribbean is famed worldwide for its many exquisite diving sites and reefs. The island of Grenada is one of the best places in the world for diving, whether you are an absolute novice, or a seasoned diver. There are over 30 sites, all with dazzlingly clear, warm tropical water and incredible sights. Many tour operators run specific diving holidays on Grenada, and it is well worth looking into if you think diving could be your thing.

Caribbean Cruise

Another typical image many people have of the Caribbean is a cruise holiday. This can be great for people wanting to take a relaxed look at many of the beautiful and spectacular islands of the area, as well as to meet new people. Again, there are hundreds of possible cruises across the Caribbean, and if you are interested, you are bound to find one to suit your taste and pocket.

Puerto Rico Nightlife

For the younger (or younger at heart!), Puerto Rico, and particularly its capital, San Juan, offers a vibrant night life to complement the island's beautiful white beaches, along with a different kind of Caribbean holiday. The city itself is very old, founded in the 16th century, offering plenty to do in the day before you check out the Caribbean night life in the evening, if lying on beaches isn't your thing.

Find out more about Caribbean Holidays.

 About the Author     

I have travelled extensively in the Caribbean. I wish to share my experiences in the hope I can help others enjoy their time in the Caribbean more fully.

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    NiharGomez says:

    They have Mothers day and Fathers day the same days as us and Christmas same day. The holidays which are based on our nation they dont have. But they have some of their own.

    Hotels in Thailand

    Posted on 20áAprá2013 at 12:27pm | View Post in Forum

    sandra says:

    yes, vutje. The I'd spend all my holidays at any casino.

    Posted on 11áMará2011 at 8:10am | View Post in Forum

    Rogerka says:

    my wedding? on saturday

    Posted on 11áMará2011 at 5:38am | View Post in Forum

    vutjebal says: you mean....****Home Sweet Home****Tongue

    Posted on 10áMará2011 at 2:45pm | View Post in Forum

    sandra says:

    This is my vacation spot.

    Posted on 10áMará2011 at 2:42pm | View Post in Forum

    vutjebal says:

    @ roggy

    oh and reading books - on the beach, in the bed, in bus...
    Let me know  when it's or will be  your  wedding..../ your honeymoon...Reading
    Posted on 10áMará2011 at 2:17pm | View Post in Forum

    Rogerka says:

    sounds like a good plan

    you know me. travelling, travelling, travelling. taking pictures. sunbathing (with huge factor, of course), swimming, lil exercising, walking in town, sightseeing, having good meals and drinks. talking a lil with locals. oh and reading books - on the beach, in the bed, in bus...
    Posted on 10áMará2011 at 10:17am | View Post in Forum

    vutjebal says:

    If you're asking ..... junkfood .....and not to much sun  for  me....

    Like to go out  have  nice meal and  some shopping (lil) , sitting somewhere listening to some good music , some boat trip (sun :( ) and   there is  one thing......... 
    I can't tell  Tongue  .....
    Posted on 07áMará2011 at 1:28pm | View Post in Forum

    WisTex says:

    So what do you prefer to do on vacation?

    Posted on 07áMará2011 at 3:53am | View Post in Forum

    vutjebal says:

    HugYou are welkom ....Tropical%20Island

    Posted on 06áMará2011 at 4:05pm | View Post in Forum

    WisTex says:

    I think I would definitely hit the beach. But I would also like to see historical sites and stuff too.

    Posted on 06áMará2011 at 3:04pm | View Post in Forum

    Scott says:

    What is your favorite type of Caribbean Holiday?

    Posted on 06áMará2011 at 3:21am | View Post in Forum

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