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   Saturday, December 5, 2020 

United States of America United States Virgin IslandsVacationing In St. Thomas

By Caitlin Moore

 Travel Guide     

Decidedly Caribbean with influences of French and Danish culture as well as laid-back island living, St. Thomas is lush, lovely destination that will make you forget all about your bills, your commute and that nagging throbbing at your temples. One of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is well-equipped with both natural and man-made qualities that will knock the shoes right off your feet and keep you in a state of constant relaxation for the duration of your stay.

Beaches, mountains and vibrant hillsides dotted with exotic flora and fauna characterize the landscape. Magens Bay Beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and is just a bit of the overall shoreline of this 33 square mile island. To truly tame your tension, be sure to start off the trip with an immersion into the culture of the beach bum. Order a rum-infused beverage (this is definitely the place for good rum) and then sit back with a book or your favorite person and get into the swing of things.

After you've mastered the art of slowing down and forgetting all about your responsibilities, it'll be time to explore. Speaking of art, there are a few exhibits and festivals that tend to excite and celebrate a sense of creativity. Estate Tutu and Riise's Gallery are a couple places to keep in mind, as is the irresistibly named Mango Tango Gallery. For such a small place, there's a lot of beauty, so check out the work of a few talented creators while you're here.

A few historic castles and homes give St. Thomas a richer feel. Learn about the pirates who once called this a place a treasure and tour the Botanical Gardens to appreciate every aspect of this multi-dimensional destination. You might just have imagined it to be miles of beaches and maybe a few restaurants and souvenir stands - in fact there is much more to see and do in addition to traditional Caribbean island sights and scenes.

For the aerobically inclined, tying on your most comfortable pair of shoes and walking your way around the island is a good way to see everything while burning a few calories. The hilly terrain means you might break a sweat and will definitely feel invigorated as you reach new heights and soak in the gorgeous scenery from all angles. Safari and helicopter rides offer alternate viewpoints, but don't underestimate the power of a good cardio session.

Within the cluster of civilization you'll find many quaint Danish-inspired houses along a charming Main street filled with shops and restaurants. You may feel as if you've been transported to Europe, or perhaps to some sort of in-between land where France and the tropics have collided. Your senses will be awakened, anyway, and the opportunity to taste a few exciting culinary delights and acquire a few unique mementos will complete the trip.

Actually, the finishing touch to this privileged vacation is sure to be the accommodations you end up choosing for yourself and your companions. Vacation rentals make an excellent choice, especially on an island when you're in the mood to develop the themes of privacy and escape. Unpacking your bags into your own personal space that has its own kitchen, a little yard and decorations that have been thoughtfully carried out will make you feel extra special and more than a little pampered. St. Thomas Vacation Rentals are as welcoming as the island itself and they come in all shapes, sizes and price range. Anyone can access their charms, so go online to peruse these cottages, villas and condos in order to ensure that your holiday is truly terrific.

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Visit as you start to plan your fabulous upcoming vacation.

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